Our services — Customs Regulations & Procedures

UK customs regulations & procedures

We help companies deal with their UK import and export procedures

We provide a range of services aimed at helping and educating our clients on how to import and export goods to and from the UK.

Import and export consultancy

We provide tailored consultancy aimed at helping our clients understand what they need to do and how they should do it. We also help them set up import and export departments and provide on-site staff training to support their needs.

Customs and excise duties and compliance

We help our clients to minimise their customs duties and related taxes and assist with their customs declarations to HMRC and other governmental bodies. We continually monitor regulatory changes on behalf of our clients so that they can be up to date with best practice and don’t breach rules and regulations.

Assistance with HMRC applications

We provide assistance with a range of HMRC applications, including Authorised Economic Operator status, customs guarantees, inward processing relief etc.


We run in-house training courses for organisations and courses for individuals. Courses cover the basics, through to detailed guidance on classification, valuation and procedures.

Mock HMRC audits

We help our clients understand the rules and regulations and to understand their strict legal obligations. We also help them establish robust documentation procedures so that they have a HMRC compliant audit trail.


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